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There is more to designing a roofing company website than just throwing visuals and employing website optimization techniques. While optimization will help your site to higher Google ranking, it is pointless to generate online traffic to your website only to have potential customers leaving negative reviews or exiting after a few seconds due to poor graphics.

Your customers will not give you a second chance to make a first impression

Graphic design for roofing companies calls for a balance between website optimization and visual appeal. Employing common roofing SEO practices like keyword placement, image optimization, or link building without the right graphic design for roofers will not be effective. For most modern Roofing Website Designers, striking this balance is always a challenge. In order to merge search engine optimization with visual appeal, our roofer graphic design focuses on the aspect of color, shape, space, and texture to make your roofing website stand out among the rest.


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Why Include Graphics in Your Roofing Website

1. Graphics attract attention on social media

According to research, most users are more attracted to image links on social media as opposed to text. Using engaging designs created specifically for roofers will be a great way to drive traffic to your website through your company's social media handles.

Beautifully designed content works great when you are targeting millennial shoppers because they will share and like your content

2. Graphics give your roofing company website a professional look

If the first impression of your website is not authentic or trustworthy, then forget about conversions and ranking. According to researchers, online users determine the credibility of your website within the first few seconds. This depends on the color, arrangement, interactivity, and general outlook of your website. You may have good quality products but if your website outlook is not pleasing, you will end up losing potential customers.

 Let our team help your site make an outstanding first impression with our aesthetically pleasing Graphic Designs

How Roofing Companies utilize Graphic Design to Influence Ranking and Conversion Positively

You already know the benefits of a great roofing website. However, balance is crucial when merging the right graphic designs with SEO. Visual appeal keeps your website visitors engaged, but visitors have to find your website in the first place. Strong graphic design has the following ranking benefits:


Bounce Rate - Decreased 


Users say Graphics make websites easier to navigatee


Increase - Average Visit Duration & Engagement


Customer & User Friendly


1. The right graphics ensure lower bounce rates

When visitors leave your website without clicking other pages, Google reads this as a negative mark showing that your website is not user friendly, appealing, or orderly. Even after using SEO and links in your website, a high bounce rate is likely to affect the rank of your roofing website in the long run.

When visitors to a website spend more time on it, it means that the website is user friendly. As a result, it will have a top ranking. This will not only generate more traffic but will also increase the number of potential buyers. This makes it critical for roofers to use top graphic design roofing companies when setting up their sites.

2. The right graphics make it easy to navigate and link to similar information

Visually appealing navigation will encourage visitors and potential buyers to spend more time on your website. This means that you have to ensure the integration of color and shape in relation to the text is appropriate.

Graphic design for Roofers will help you to create graphics and illustrations that ensure the information on your website flows in sequence. They do this by matching your website graphics to your company color scheme, thus leaving a lasting image in your visitor's mind. The goal is not just to impress visitors but to represent your company while providing useful information in an enjoyable and pleasing way.

3. The right graphics ensure better engagement

Graphic design for roofers not only sparks interest but also sustains it. It keeps the clients interested and informed. Potential customers form an impression of your company based on your website presentation and engagement. After all, your website is your front office, and how clients interact with it matters.

Researchers show that 66% of online users react more to integrated images as opposed to text. Investing in a team of professional designers, therefore, will help you nail down an audience while still being a step ahead of your rivals.

4. The right graphics ensures an interactive user interface

Your website's user interface is like your receptionists. It should be easy to interact with and capable of promoting user retention and realizing low bounce rates. Clients react to your website depending on how easy it is to find information on it. Using top graphic designs will ensure that your site's appearance does not distract your clients. They will also offer advice on the color combinations and shape to use in addition to helping you pick the appropriate texture both for mobile and web-based users.

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Your website design is your company's outlook. It represents who you are as a company and how well you relate with customers. While this is not an art contest, the industry is competitive. As such, using common, cluttered, or uninteresting visuals will not increase your visibility or online traffic.

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