PPC for Roofers

Pay Per Click Advertising for Roofers is a form of purchasing visitors/users for your website. These ads are placed on top of the Google Search results, so anyone that is willing to spend ad money can gain massive exposure to their roofing business. PPC with Google Ads appear above organic and map search results, so you're are guaranteed to appear on top!

How PPC Campaign Management for Roofers is Essential

Are you struggling to generate a steady flow of leads? Like most roofers, you understand a strong digital marketing presence is important. The problem is many voices are pointing you in different directions.

Pay per click(PPC) advertising on Google AdWords is simple and effective. Roofing contractors have relied on it for over a decade. Keep reading to see how it can grow your business.

What is Roofing PPC?

This process bids for clicks from consumers searching for roofing keywords. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. It is different than billboards, newspapers, and television ads that change for the ad.

The type of people clicking these ads is likely looking for roofing work done on their house. A good management strategy makes PPC is a fast and reliable way of getting a good return on investment.

Google Ads

Earn a positive ROI through our PPC search advertising. Spend money wisely and use the most targeted and cost-effective form of advertising. PPC works fast, and if managed correctly, it can yield roofing companies a high return on their investment.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is huge. It has tremendous potential for a residential roofer. Advertising on Facebook has grown tremendously the last few years and a lot of businesses are killing it.

Campaign Analysis

Most Roofing Companies spend money on advertising and their Ad Spend is depleted before they realize what's going on. RankingRoofers.com analyzes your campaigns in real-time to allow roofing contractors to make the most of their time, which is providing excellent services to their customers. 

How Fast Is PPC For Roofers?

PPC is as fast and has low barriers to start. We recommend allowing a few days to tailor the keyword strategy based on local market demand. This is where we examine the holes in your competitor's strategies. We also assess what local buyers near you want.

It is much faster than SEO which tends to take months to see an impact. This is very helpful for those who have out of date websites. New business owners also benefit since they can immediately start taking calls.

What is Better SEO or PPC for Roofing Companies?

You should base your decision on your business goals. SEO and PPC can both achieve excellent returns on investment. The difference depends on patience. SEO takes at least 3 months to start seeing an impact.

A balanced business combines both to dominate the first page results. Being found all over the first page builds familiarity in the minds of homeowners. People prefer to buy from those they have heard of a few times.

We tend to recommend starting with PPC while the results for SEO are working in the background.

How Much Do I Need To Invest?

The amount needed to be competitive varies based on location. High population cities have more roofers bidding for placements. Many of them will have agencies who know what they are doing. Roofers in these cities will be more willing to invest large sums.

A small town or suburb will have much less competition. Many of them will overlook the most profitable keywords. This means the budget needed will tend to be lower. We will present our research to help you make an informed decision.

How PPC Benefits Your Bottom Line

1. Buyer Intent Keywords:

Those looking up keywords related to roofing is looking to call a local roofer. Other high-intent keywords related to roof leaks, roof repairs, ice dams, and more.

2. Demographic and Geo-Targeting:

You can choose to go after specific regions of a city. This helps weed out some of the areas where homeowners are more price sensitive. You can also target based on age, income, and other factors to narrow down your target audience.

3. Roofing jobs Yield High-Revenue:

This allows roofers to dedicate a sizable budget to Google Adwords. An extra few jobs each month can mean an astronomical return on investment.

4. No Wait-Time For Action:

Many users don't know the difference between Pay Per Click and organic results. AdWords allows bidding directly for positions at the top of the page. The only time it takes is to do proper keyword research to avoid throwing money blindly.

Are The Results Measurable?

The results are highly measurable. Google provides data based on the number of calls and clicks your ads receive. You can take it a step further to install a call tracking number to see exactly how many calls you receive. Call tracking numbers also usually allow you to listen to call recordings.

Monthly reports help you understand what is going on in your campaign. We want you to have insight into how you are growing. You will also see ways to improve your website for better results.

Why you Should Hire RankingRoofers.com To Do This?

Dividing your attention between running your business and running ads is not easy. We have experience managing many client's campaigns. It takes experience to understand what to focus on like the following list.

  • Calls to Action - We drive traffic to do specific things like call you or fill out a contact form. Testing different calls to action is critical to achieving a good return.
  • Keyword Targeting - We know what keywords generally have the highest buyer intent. Your money is invested in keywords with high probability of converting into sales. Time of day also plays a factor. Our active management can analyze when you can get the best return on investment.
  • Landing page - We put thought into the page your ad links to. It needs to be relevant and laser targeted to the purpose of the ad to get optimized results.
  • Highly Adjustable - You can adjust your keyword strategy very quickly. A hail storm or a snow storm will lead to certain types of damage your bidding strategy can capitalize on. Clients also increase or decrease their budget based on how busy they are.

Exclusive Leads

Using PPC ads is very different than using HomeAdvisor or a similar site. Many lead aggregator sites recycle the same lead across many roofers. These leads sometimes have no idea they even signed up. This is a very frustrating experience known among the home improvement industry.

The people clicking through to your pages and calling you are looking for you to call them back. Targeting a qualified audience with buyer-intent is a proven method of boosting revenue.

The Bottom Line Is What Counts

This all may seem confusing at first. We are happy to sit down and walk you through the process. It takes time to understand how all these concepts combine.

A strong PPC strategy compliments the rest of your lead generation strategy. It provides a reliable stream of leads so you can focus on what you do best.

Making a profit is what matters in your life. We understand you just want to understand the basics. You can focus on running your business while we manage your online lead-gen for you. Call us today for a strategy session to get started.

We’ve got enough experience to create award winning campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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