Commercial Roofing Marketing in 2021

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2021 Guide for Commercial Roofers to get more LEADS!

Most Roofing companies understand the importance of Roofing Leads as this sector for the most part is a bottom-line industry. Targeting a commercial audience to generate leads is a daunting task, especially if you’re a new player in the industry. Competition is fierce when getting those highly coveted Commercial Roofing Leads. So you may be asking yourself how your Roofing company can stand out, and earn those leads with Commercial Roofing Marketing? 

Speaking based on experience, what separates a Commercial Roofing Business from an unsuccessful one is typically their marketing strategies. Without a proper digital marketing strategy, especially SEO for Roofers, getting those 6-7 figure commercial roofing leads will be an uphill battle. 

The users are there, and so is the demand. People are looking every day for your business, but is it visible? In this post, we will cover some of the most effective marketing strategies for commercial roofers. If your company is on the hunt for more commercial roofing leads, then you must implement these strategies to generate the growth your company is looking for. 

Commercial Roofing Marketing Guide 2021

Commercial Roofing Marketing Guide 2021

Let’s take a look at the guide for Commercial Roofing Marketing strategies 2021:

  1. Target Keywords
  2. Content Marketing for Roofers
  3. Social Media Presence
  4. Reviews and Reputation Management


Selecting the right Target Keywords 

Monitoring and tracking the right keywords, and where they are ranking on search engines. Notably Google’s SERPs. You have to know what keywords people are searching for, and align them with the services you offer e.g., “Commercial Roofing”. To find this information you can do basic keyword research through Google’s very own platform Google Ads

Once you’ve completed your Keyword Research, you have just scraped a portion of the task remaining on hand. Using the following keywords you’ve selected, you must incorporate them into your website’s content, social media, blogs, and any ads you are running. Try to select keywords with your service offering + the name of your city, as this is generally preferred by search engines.

Working with a professional SEO for Roofers can help accelerate this task, and bring your company more commercial roofing leads quicker. 


High-Quality Content Marketing for Commercial Roofers

You stand by your work, your team is qualified and you have tons of happy customers. So why isn’t the business just pouring in? It may be because people don’t know you exist online. Content marketing is an untapped opportunity in the commercial roofing industry, as there are not many companies making posts about it. 

This is an easy solution to grabbing more Commercial Roofing Leads for your business. You can produce content that relates to commercial roofing such as “How to repair a commercial roof”, or “How commercial roofing is done?” This can be in any form, a blog post, a youtube video, etc. As long as it’s posted, and well put together, you will get a positive response!

Content Marketing for Roofers should provide users a source of free information, so they are drawn to your content, and actually have a use for it. Generating genuine interest around your piece of content will yield a healthy return of commercial roofing leads. 

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Grow your Social Media Presence!

Building your Roofing Company social media is absolutely essential as it covers many aspects of marketing your business. Posting on your social media regularly is good practice to increase your brand visibility. Your posts must seek out a purpose, and actually engage users to click and engage. 

Your social media will give you the ability to interact with your audience, customers, and your friends and families who will support your business. You can advertise your business across social media, and control your brand’s reputation. 

Some pointers to help you make effective use of your social media would be to post with a goal in mind. Generic posts are boring, and quite frankly users are more annoyed with them than they appreciate them. Your posts should provide real value to your users first. 


Reviews and Reputation – Show Your Commercial Roofing Business Off!

This is where you want to focus if you want to land those big 6-7 figure Commercial Roofing Leads. Large companies will want to verify and vet you before they give you a big roofing job. In this day of age, we look at reviews for the smallest items before making a purchase; having a strong reputation and review system in place will only help build authority in your city. 

Did you know that approximately 92% of consumers read online testimonials and reviews on a company or brand before making a purchase themselves? Your roofing company’s online presence and reputation matter when it comes to attracting new clients and building customer loyalty among repeat clients.

When building out a review management system, obtain a short link from Google, or whichever platform you’d like to be reviewed on. This will make it easier for them to land directly on your review page, and leave a positive review! Aim to receive accurate reviews, as consumers today generally have a good idea of deception. Reputation Management for Roofers is an essential part of building your lead generation strategy in 2021 to dominate the commercial roofing industry. 


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